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it's nearly time for your hunter valley adventure

*As lead guest you will be responsible for Kookaburra Hideaway or the Woodcutter's Shed throughout your stay, prior to check in and we will need you to provide your full name and home address.
As per our booking confirmation we will also require either $100 or $500  bond prior to your stay; however the good news is, that means you probably deserve the best room or the 4 poster bed...   top tip, turn left when you walk through the front door and head for the Master Suite at Kookaburra in the Woodcutter's Shed make a dive for the 4 Poster :)
PS.. during 6 years of accommodating lots of happy guests  we have only ever had to touch a bond payment on one occasion, because the guest insisted we did... If something happens, just tell us... that's all we ask...
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