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Options for Covid 19 affected weddings at The Wedding Shed,

Kookaburra Hideaway


As at September 30th, 2021


Based on the questions we have received so far from clients and the solutions we have found for them, here is a Question and Answer Sheet that we hope helps.

Q. What is the roadmap to recovery ?

PDF version...COVID-19 Roadmap to recovery fact sheet (PDF, 131.46 KB)

Q. What if I can't get my double vaccination in time to attend a wedding that occurs before 90% vaccinated date? 

A.  A lot of people think that they can only get a vaccine from their regular doctor, in which case they haven't been able to make a booking for whatever reason.  The Government have now introduced multiple options for obtaining vaccines...

Q. Have the Covid 19 restrictions affected any upcoming weddings for 2021?

A. So far all our weddings from the end of July through to 1st week of October 2021 have been postponed to later dates in 2022.


Q. If weddings are allowed to go ahead with some restrictions, can we get an idea of the capacities of the venue for a 4sqm/per person and a 2sqm/per person reception so we can start preparing a cut down guest lists as necessary?


A.The Square meterage of our marked out floor area is 520 sq metres.  However, we are considered to be an outdoor/indoor venue as we do not have solid doors or walls between outside and inside. That means, using just the indoor floor space and the artificial turf area only, for a 4sqm rule we could have up to 130 and for 2sqm  that would be double. 


Because we also have uninterrupted outdoor space around the marked out area indoor and floor area; including the Boho Area and the area behind it, we can also have extra persons so long as it was considered safe and complies with regulations.  That said, our preference at the moment is for weddings under 100.

Q. What if  the Government mandates that double Covid 19 vaccinations are to be compulsory for wedding guests and suppliers in the future.  Will we be able to cancel if we do not agree with the compulsory vaccine  policy or don't want to be vaccinated?

A. It is your prerogative to have your own views regarding the Covid Vaccination program and we respect that.  However we and the majority of the wedding industry will be complying with all Government regulations regarding Covid Vaccinations,  be it double Vaccination, a negative Covid test result or a medical certificate stating reason not vaccinated.

In the event of cancellation due to your views regarding Covid vaccine, our normal Terms and Conditions apply regarding refunds including loss of deposits/booking fees and scheduled payments.


Q. In the event that small weddings are allowed, what does the marry now party later option entail? How many people are normally present at a ceremony like this? and then how do we select the date for the "party later" part?


A. With last year's Covid small weddings with just 5 persons total including bride, groom and Celebrant were allowed.  There was a lot of protest about that however as it meant that the marrying couple could only choose 2 friends or family to attend.  I really don't know how many will be allowed at "small weddings" but I am hoping it will be at least 10.


I (Val) did a few marry now/party later weddings last year.  The way it works is that I officially marry the couple on the day of their planned wedding, or another chosen date, usually in the morning.   Then at a future date of their choice the marrying couple   have their party/reception to celebrate with all their family and friends and at that time, free of charge, I conduct a renewal of vows ceremony, using similar wording to their actual wedding ceremony conducted previously.


At the small wedding, some couples got married in their wedding outfits, even if they couldn’t have their bridal party with them and some just got married in normal attire and saved the wedding outfits for the reception/party.  


After the small ceremony some couples went to brunch, lunch or dinner, some just had some champagne/drinks at the Marrying Tree (we can set up for you).  


The party later wedding/reception would be the same price as your current wedding.  The 3% surcharge for 2022 and 5% for 2023 would be waived.


Q. In the absolute worst-case scenario, if the current restrictions remain the same and no weddings are allowed, are there any fees associated with postponing to a new date?


A. As per the party later wedding/reception, a postponed date would be the same price as your current wedding.  The 3% surcharge for 2022 and 5% for 2023 would be waived.


There is no set notice period for postponing a wedding, however generally at least a month's notice is desirable, especially as we may be able to offer your date to another couple having a smaller wedding.

If you are affected by Covid lockdown,  as we have said in previous communications, Marriage is all about a whole lifetime together… so postponing your wedding or altering the sequence of events won’t be the end of the world.

Love has no boundaries… The most important thing is that a couple who love one another are able to show their love in whatever way they can and that we can make it special.

In 3-6 months time all of this may well be behind us, but in the meantime we will do anything we can for you to have your perfect day.. even if it comes in stages… 

Thankyou for sticking by us…  We won’t let you down.

Val and Andrew


The Wedding Shed @ Kookaburra Hideaway

Save your wedding day and your venue.



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